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In Colorado

In November 2012 I played at a jazz-jam at the Outlook-Motel in Boulder. Since then that motel has been replaced by apartments and the jazz-jams have gone.

On the Arlberg Ski Resort

At the entry into the Albona North back country run at the Arlberg ski resort [Austria]. Skiing during the day, jazz starting at 5 p.m.

In Vienna, Graz and Baden bei Wien

Performing at Cafe Black Coffee in Graz with Milan Cosic [p] and Federico Perinelli [b] in 2022

In Boarding School and as a University Student

Playing jazz in 11th grade at the BEA boarding school in Graz in 1962 for the annual ball of the graduating class with Udo Jonas on banjo, Kurti Weissenbock on bass, Michael Suppanz on trumpet and Franz Leberl on drums

During Summers at the Pool

The pool at the Leberl-residence in Baden bei Wien, with friends awaiting jazz music in July 2023