PhD [ex-] Students



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Doctors at the 65th Leberl-Birthday Bash by the Institute. From left: Franz Niederl, Joachim Bauer, Konrad Karner, Horst Bischof [Professorial Colleague], Alex Bornik, Michael Kofler, Heinz Mayer, Wolfgang Walcher, April 2010 

Markus Grabner [now Joanneum Research] Deep in Thought
with Reinhard Beichel [now at University of Iowa, USA]
Photo Taken @ the 2005 Leberl 60th Birthday Party
Kirchenwirt in Graz
April 2005

Harald Raetzsch [Dr. techn. 1986]
Looking Very Professorial, but a Man of Industry
Photo Taken @ Institute’s 65th Leberl Birthday
Joebstl’s in Graz, 2010 


Doctors: With the back to the Camera Michael Gruber with Wife Barbara Gruber [not a Leberl Graduate], Harald Raetzsch with Wife Brigitte, Hubert Ranzinger with Wife Monika, Konrad Karner. Photo Taken @  Leberl’s 60th Birthday Party, Kirchenwirt in Graz, 2005


November 2013, send-off into Emeritus status at Graz University of Technology Aula and Senate assembly hall. From left: Prof. Horst Bischof, colleague at the same Institute | Konrad Karner | Michael Kofler | Manfred Prantl | Peter Werth | Franz Leberl | Michael Gruber | Stefan Scherer | Martin Berger. Except for Horst Bischof and myself, all are doctoral graduates of the Institute. Manfred Prantl graduated with Axel Pinz as the first referee, for all the others I was the mentor and first referee.