My publication work began in 1970. European 1970’s academia had yet to begin to participate in the culture of “publish or perish” or see the advent of things like Google Scholar. Peer-reviewed and not, journals vs. conference papers….. then hardly relevant. What a change since!

This site’s publications list is a chronological PDF document . To  have a look at each of the full-text of these publications, please open the PDF Publication List and click on the links of interest. Only a very few “full text” pdf-documents may be missing.

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Here are a few selected icons associated with publications.

Monograph published by Artech House.
Cover showing airborne radar image in Arizona, 700 pages, 1989

Space Shuttle Imaging Radar SIR-B and Best Paper Award 1986, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing

Eurographics winner of the competition for best medical project with the Augmented Reality Liver Operation Planner, 2003

Cover of June 1986 issue with 3D model of Mt. Shasta (California) produced from overlapping Space Shuttle Imaging Radar SIR-B images

IEEE-Computer [June 2010] on Virtual Habitats with inivited contribution by the Graz-team on aerial computer vision

One of our Magellan 3D modeling results and illustrations as the [originally] unauthorized cover of other author’s text book

This Manual of Radar Remote Sensing contains a Chapter 5 on Radargrammetry with the then-most recent material covering 100 pages, 1998

Frontispiece showing a scanned aerial photograph assocated with the paper by M. Gruber, F. Leberl on „Digitalisierung von Luftbildern„, Jan 2001

Helsinki-1976-congress of the Int’l Soc. for Photogrammetry ISP [since 1980 ISPRS] with Otto-von-Gruber Gold Medal award, Invited Paper on Mapping Sea Ice with Radar